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Nowadays, the best way to compete in the digital market is to spy on your competitors. Spy tools are the new way to research internet ads.

Are you looking for an ad spy tool? AdSpy should be your first choice.

In this article, we will discuss why AdSpy should be in your ad spy arsenal starting today.

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AdSpy Definition

AdSpy is a powerful ad spy tool.It lets you spy on industry leaders in your niche revealing how they run their campaigns. When you use AdSpy, you will access all the aspects of your rival’s ads from Ad Text, Graphics, Landing Pages, URLs, and so on.

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AdSpy Features

Here are AdSpy’s features.

1. Enhanced Basic Search

AdSpy features the largest searchable database of Facebook and Instagram ads. In essence, AdSpy has 89 million+ ads from 14 million+ advertisers. 

These ads span 203 countries in 88 different languages.

With all this data, you need a formidable search and filter tool. 

AdSpy’s enhanced basic search tool breaks down this massive data in seconds.

Additionally, AdSpy has an intelligent interface that works fast and flawlessly to ensure the data you need is availed quickly and effectively.

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2. For Affiliates by Affiliates

AdSpy is a great resource for learning what other affiliates are doing. We all think differently. But now, you can benefit from other affiliates’ ideas. By searching for the Offer by ID, you can find out how other affiliates are promoting the same offer.

All of a sudden, you will be inspired and know for sure how to promote your own offer successfully.

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AdSpy Pricing

You will love that AdSpy is pretty simple on matters pricing. You only pay $149/Mo for the full AdSpy package.

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AdSpy is a must-have tool in this day and age. No one reinvents the wheel anymore. So, take advantage of our AdSpy Coupon. You will be surprised how cheap AdSpy will be as a result.